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abaya with a large hijab attached hijab attached - Integrated large hijab 2 in one abaya 150 cm

Introducing our latest product, the Muslim prayer dress with an integrated hijab set. This is the perfect solution for Muslim women who are looking for a comfortable and convenient way to perform their prayers.

Crafted with high-quality materials, this prayer dress is designed to provide maximum comfort and flexibility while praying. The integrated hijab ensures that you can perform your prayers in complete privacy without having to worry about your headscarf falling off.

The 'None' Muslim prayer dress comes in a beautiful design that is both elegant and modest. The subtle color combination adds an extra touch of sophistication, making it perfect not just for daily prayers but also for special occasions.

Whether you're at home or on-the-go, this prayer dress will provide you with the comfort and convenience you need to perform your prayers on time every day. So why wait? Order yours today and experience the ultimate convenience of performing your daily Islamic rituals without any hassle!
Composition: Polyester: 100% Medina silk soft abaya with hijab attached

green abaya

Long sleeve with elastic smocked cuffs, loose fit dress, soft and comfortable

Dress with integrated hijab . A comfortable, simple, and classy piece, our one- piece Jilbab is a modest wardrobe essential. This is the perfect everyday modest wear for females, with lightweight fabric and a headscarf that is suitable for all face shapes and sizes.

Beautiful and affordable, Ramadan gift yourself or a loved one a prayer gown this Ramadan.

Very practical, perfect for your prayers or even worn as evening gowns. The hijab comes attached to the dress. These stunning pieces are comfortable and feel luxurious.

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Abaya Dress muslim prayer clothes for women, solid color loose fit abaya dress for women turkish, long sleeve with elastic cuffs, elegant and comfy to walk around. Pullover style, hooded design with muslim hijab scarf, floor length long maxi dubai kaftan dresses for women abaya robe, modest design women muslim clothing gives you a full coverage from neck to ankle.

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abaya dress for women islamic dresses with muslim scarf prayer shawl for women arabic islamic clothing, is perfect for casual, lounge around, home, shopping, outdooors, holiday, wedding party, evening, Eid, Shahada ,Ramadan, pray, church, prayer or other occasions.

abaya kaftan dress for women kaftan robe

Women's Muslim Abaya dress one piece long sleeve Islamic Prayer dress with hooded Hijab Khimar Jilbab Niqab loose full length maxi Kaftan cover Dubai robe gown Middle East Modest prayer clothes.
One-piece women’s prayer dress for women Muslim. Women long sleeve Muslim dress Dubai Abaya with hijab scarf, great for travel to Middle East or Arab.

this abaya is a Full Length Maxi Abayas Muslim Dress for Women One in two Abaya Muslim dress for women with hooded Hijab Khimar.

Women Dubai style robe dress, Abaya dress for women, casual style, simple solid color. Long sleeve with elastic smocked cuffs, loose fit dress, soft and comfortable chiffon robe dress.

Modest Abayas Kaftan maxi dress, designed with hooded style, modest floor length robe provides a full coverage to your body, loose fit for a free movement without any restriction.

Long Islamic Prayer Dress with Hooded Khimar Jilba Hooded Abaya Islamic Muslim dresses with long sleeves and full cover hijab scarf, Kaftan Muslim maxi dress Abaya for women.

One piece modest dubai kaftan dress styles, convenient for wear. Styles as womens girls Muslim gowns Abaya Islamic fashion dresses, semi formal evening gowns, long sleeved gowns for work or office, full-length maxi dress for mosque.

this abaya has an amazing Fabric Prayer kaftan dresses for women dubai, black Abayas for women Muslim Dubai dress.
Women's Ramadan prayer dress Hijab scarf hooded Abaya Dress Muslim Arabic Kaftan modest full length robe. Dubai outfits for women, made of high quality polyester fabric, soft hand-feeling. Dubai kaftan dresses for women, ramadan arabian dress for women, moroccan kaftan dresses, burka, modest dresses for women Muslim, Islamic clothing for women, khimar for Muslim women.

Modest Muslim Islamic maxi dress for women kaftan Abaya dress Muslim long sleeve robe gown with hooded prayer hijab Muslim head scarf for women. Islamic gifts for women. Kaftan maxi dress suit for Muslim occasion dress, casual daily life, formal, home, travel, holiday, prayer, ramadan, evening, wedding party. You can wear this Dubai kaftan praying Islamic Abaya Muslim dress full length loose fit one piece middle east robe dress for women to travel Middle East or Arab

High quality Abaya and Scarf Material

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